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    Child of Light Ultimate Edition

    Join Aurora on her journey to save her ailing father and a lost kingdom in the magical world of Lemuria –along the way she'll discover that her destiny may be far greater than she dreamed. From award-winners Patrick Plourde and Jeffrey Yohalem comes Child of Light®. Encounter eccentric creatures, from wicked witches to evil sea serpents, and discover the vast land of Lemuria. Fight alongside your allies to upgrade your stats, unlock unique abilities, and use unique gems to improve your skills. Work together with your allies to solve puzzles and search for mysteries. Experience a story carefully crafted in verse and rhyme with an original soundtrack by composer Coeur de pirate. Play anytime and anywhere. With Nintendo Switch™ you’ll be able to play on your TV, on the go, or with friends in tabletop mode.

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    Doncoop says:
    Story in this really front and center and enjoyed it from start to finish.
    Actually wanted to read all the conversations.
    The cut scenes were ace as well.
    Decent boss fights although strategy on each normally remained the same.
    Definitely recommend

    EBRPG says:
    The writing is grating from the start of the game
    It’s a novel concept, but it’s really a shame
    That the RPG elements are very nice
    But style of writing will make you think twice.

    FrEaK says:
    Great game, be warned long playtimes may lead to rhyming speech.

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Futuristic Greek Mythology Browser MMORPG

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