Open up your path in a grand adventure!
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    Caine enters a ruins site in search of a feral

    relic said to be left behind by the gods and meets

    a mysterious girl in a mask. This strange

    encounter becomes the catalyst of a grand scheme

    that will change the worlds of humans and therians.

    Will this new-found power lead to prosperity or


    Have a 3D battle experience full of ambience

    featuring transformations that enable various

    skills and Bursts that can deal massive damage.

    Weapons can be customized to increase their power

    or be imbued with various effects.

    Explore dynamic, constantly changing dungeons,

    take on many subquests and open up your path in a

    grand adventure!

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    My barrier to entry with any traditional JRPG is low, and I am not ashamed of it. I have played some amazing games over the years that have entertained me that might have not for your average RPG fan. Because of that, I’ve come to appreciate several of the KEMCO RPGs because they scratch that nostalgic itch for me, despite having issues here and there.But I just can’t give Revenant Dogma a pass. It is a mess in the truest sense, and is built in a way that might feel like a cash grab to you even after paying the $12.99USD entry fee. While I’m not writing off future KEMCO RPGs as a whole just yet, I sincerely hope that the next title is catered more towards the console audience, at the very least.

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Free Destiny-themed Text RPG for iOS/Android

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