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    Bullet Age

    The world of New Haven is a wasteland. The ARC empire destroyed it with a single Mutagen Bomb that transformed its creatures to mutated monsters.

    Join the Gunsword heroes in this classic co-op 2D action-platformer as they become the last hope for the United Resistance.

    Gain powerful abilities to dash, spin, and blast through creepy creatures, mutated soldiers and huge bosses. It’s up to you to stop the ARC from achieving world domination.

    Key Features:

    • Play through dozens of meticulously designed levels chock-full of secrets, challenging platforming and over the top bosses that spans over 3 continents.
    • Intuitive combat system that mixes hack and slash action and run and gun gameplay.
    • Purchase and upgrade weapons with unique parts that will give bullets devastating abilities.
    • Full co-op adventure with single Joy-con support and HD rumble to feel each action and help you locate hidden secrets.
    • Beautiful hand-drawn cartoon graphics and fluid animation bring the world of Bullet Age to life.

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    Looked great at PAX though the gameplay was very early

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