An adventure that's off the (dragon) scale!
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    Little Dragons Café

    Little Dragons Café opens with a twin brother and

    sister learning to cook and manage a small café

    with their mother. All was routine until one

    morning when the twins discover that their mother

    won’t wake up. Suddenly, a strange old man appears

    and tells them that they must raise a dragon to

    save her. Working with three quirky café

    employees, the twins must wrangle a dragon and run

    the family business while finding a way to save

    their mother.

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    This game is charming, fun, and worth the sometimes tedious mechanics and long tutorial to experience the story. Overall glad to have it in my collection even if I wouldn't replay it several times over.

    Mouser X says:
    One of my favorite Switch games. I really like Dragons though, so that alone is a point or two in this game's favor. I look forward to running a confectionary in the cafe (collect enough recipes and ingredients, and you can fill the menu with desserts). While I agree this hasn't received the "polish" a $60 game should have, I do think $40 is a reasonable price.

    Little Dragon’s Cafe is worth pushing through its overly-lengthy tutorial because once it completely opens up to you, it is genuinely a joy to play. Is it for everyone? Maybe not, especially when you consider the performance issues and the price. Little Dragon's Cafe is a $60 game, and may not be worth the cost of admission to those that are simply "interested" in it. A game like Stardew Valley can scratch a similar simulation experience itch for a much lower entry fee, albeit in a different way (2D farming and combat vs 3D dragons and cooking). It's really going to boil down to what you favor gameplay/aesthetic-wise as to whether the game should be a "buy now" or "wait for sale" kind of thing.I really hope the developers spend some time further optimizing the game, if such a thing is possible pre or post launch. Beyond that, the most important takeaway for an RPG or Harvest Moon fan looking at Little Dragon’s Cafe is this: it isn’t a new Harvest Moon game (though obviously draws heavy inspiration from it) nor is it much of an RPG in a traditional sense. Rather, it is a respectable stab back into the farm/life simulation genre from Yasuhiro Wada and Co., something that should adequately sate the appetite of those that have lied in wait for so long. Admittedly, it is not the best fit for me personally (with price and performance weighing in heavily), but I do see the value in it for other people.

    BobTheBob says:
    At first I was not impressed for the price and the hype... It is very very glitchy but nothing game breaking. The game takes a while to really get good or even better but if you put the time into it the game becomes a lot of fun. Wait till it goes on sale , maybe by then they will fix all the graphical issues. Plays best in portable mode due to graphics errors.

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