Encore Pack

Team up with new bandmates to blow away those pesky aliens in the "Gal
Metal" Encore Pack

This DLC adds five new story episodes, characters, and songs to the
lighthearted world of "Gal Metal," as five newcomers join the
hard-rocking school metal band K.M.G. (Kichijoji Metal Girls)

Players can swap out the original band members with these new characters
for live performances

Take on the unrelenting Octoids and keep the earth safe with your new

Meet your new bandmates

・Tomu Mikumura (guitar) — An arrogant rival to lead guitarist Shiimi

・Valerie Kindgood (guitar) — A drawlin' blonde exchange student from

・Riku Uekuma (synthesizer) —A former judo club member with some scary

・Kisa Hatora (bass) — A striking romantic idolized by her female

・Hiyuko Karuou (bass) — A loud and proud otaku obsessed with anime and
games alik

Master these new tracks

・Infinity Power! Awaken

・Weekend vs the Worl

・Grim Reaper Supreme's Variatio

・Posthumous of a Thousand Night

・A Distant Kinda Harmonic Kinda Physical Kinda Love