Deluxe Edition

Enjoy more great POWGI word puzzles with this bumper collection of six
favorite word games. This Deluxe Edition includes six add-on packs with
brand new content, adding hundreds more puzzles to the game

The puzzles included are

Word Maze and Word Maze

Like a wiggly word search! Find the words and solve the maze

Mixups and Mixups

A fiendishly difficult anagram puzzle with three words all jumbled

One Word and One Word

The word search puzzle where there's only one word to find

Flowers and Flowers

Plant pairs of letters around the flower to grow six words with a common

Circles and Circles

Three overlapping circles hide three connected words. Find the missing
letter to unscramble them all

Crossovers and Crossovers

Crossword puzzles with only one letter missing, which come together to
solve a clue

POWGI puzzles are all expertly hand-crafted for your enjoyment and
puzzling pleasure!