Shockwave Weapon Pack

This Weapon Pack is included in the Starlink: Battle for Atlas™
Collection 1 Pack. Check it out for the best way to complete your fleet!

Shockwave allows its wielder to fire short-range waves of force to deal
heavy damage.

Gauss Gun Mk. 2 fires with great precision, allowing pilots to aim at
enemy weak points for critical damage

*Starlink: Battle For Atlas game required to play.

The Starlink: Battle for Atlas™ Digital Shockwave Weapon Pack* includes:

One digital Shockwave Weapo

One digital Gauss Gun Mk. 2 Weapon Equip these cutting-edge kinetic
weapons to gain the advantage in battle.

*This pack is included in the Digital and Deluxe Editions of Starlink:
Battle for Atlas™.