Humorous game in co-op. Got it on sale for under $8 Not sure what’s with the ratings here. Makes me not want to trust what people rate here 🤔

This looks like stardew valley.

Incredibly fun game that scratches the table top itch. Would buy full price or on sale!

Not a fan of the switch version. To me the big draw and best moments of this game are couch co-op and online play which is very active. If you just want an in depth survival game with Tim burton esque visuals this is worth a buy on sale

EnigmaLake commented on YouTube:
Now all we need is Netflix

Darksiders II, originally released for the PS3 and Xbox 360 back in August 2012 and remastered in 2015 for PS4, Xbox One and Windows, was recently released for the Nintendo Switch on September 26th, 2019. This game has been on my radar ever since its initial release and is even in my PS Plus backlog; however, I just never got around to playing this game. When the Deathinitive Edition released for the Nintendo Switch, I added it to my wish list and even planned on putting on my Christmas list for 2019, in hopes of finally playing this game I've heard many people say was a Zelda-like experience.

First, can I say this game looks absolutely wonderful in Handheld mode?! That is the mode I have been playing this game in the most and have been enjoying every moment of it. Like I said earlier, Yes, it does have Zelda-like experiences, but for me, it also reminded me of God of War's Action-adventure, hack and slash style of gameplay; especially like the God of War games, I completed back in the day on my PSP. I absolutely loved those games, as well as the console games as well. I love these style of games because I can jump right in, hack-and-slash the heck out of the bad guys in the game, but also enjoy some light-RPG elements in it, like Skill Trees and Weapon upgrades, and following a little bit of a story while I am at it.

Speaking of story, this is number 2 in an ongoing series, right? Well, I never played the first game and I don't really care at this point. I do want to know more about what War did in the past game, which this game briefly touches on, but I feel I can visit that some other time! I just want to get through these creatures getting in my way of helping my four-horsemen brother out, at the same time, wondering if the sequel will ever make its way to the Switch. Hmm … But - no time for that. I must stay focus on this game and see it to its end!

So far, the story has kept me wanting to learn more about the lore of what Death has gotten into here, the characters within in the game are fantastic, again, reminding me of characters I've seen in the God of War games I've played, and the game-play is my cup of tea! There is even a choice in that too! I can button mash combinations of buttons to take down foes or learn specific button combos to do more damage; especially to the bigger bosses on some of these levels.

Would I buy this game at $30 USD? You bet I would! And I should have played this sooner, but maybe it is best that I didn't because now, I can appreciate it more. Based on my 1st impressions, if you are into this genre and haven't played this game before, this is a must-buy for the Nintendo Switch - portable and fun hack-and-slash game that doesn't need a lot of thought to play, unless you want to! This game is great for gamers who play a lot on the game, in small chunks because (1) The story isn't that deep to where you would forget a lot of details if you step away for too long, and (2) it has an Active Quest list to help keep you on track in case you forget what you were doing. It even has a fast-travel feature, allowing you to bounce around the map for supplies or to go back to places you may have missed, or even go back to places you couldn't access before - (GASP) a little Metroid Prime elements maybe? Mmm - maybe...

Video version of this review >

Jussie3au commented on ASTRAL CHAIN:
Incredible game. Combat is spectacular. Quests are well done for an action game. Exploration is also done well, not open world but enough hidden around in seemingly empty areas to keep you looking. All in all I would say it's well worth picking up. I smashed through it without replaying any levels and it's taken me over 25+ hours to complete the main campaign. I missed quite a few side quests running through so it'd probably be 30+ easily for completionists. it's a 9/10 for me.

EnigmaLake commented on Brawlout:
Makes sense if you want cheap but Smash is about as must own as it gets. More suited for PS4 and Xbox X owners who wanna play smash-lite

Free with monetization. But hours into it I didn’t have to spend a dime. I guess I’ll take this over $60 and hey there’s even more DLC$. Graphics are gorgeous. Has an addictive gameplay loop. Surprisingly has a lot of real life brands. Split screen fun. Online multiplayer (has clubs!). This is an over the top arcade racer with excellent use of color and lighting. Reminded me of the Burnout series when I was smashing cars off the road. There’s serious rubber banding for both the computer and you. Sleeper great game that opens up a lot more after about an hour. 🏎

Lordlamb commented on Brawlout:
There is a demo for this game in the eshop.

rootsmc commented on Reventure:
This game is amazing. It's quirky, legitimately funny, and sets the perfect stage for experimentation and exploration.

I've just finished this game, really enjoyed it. Extreme similarities to PS1's Final Fantasy Tactics, so if you liked that jump on this. There are unique points, but you can also clearly see things like "Oh, this is XXX but they renamed it YYY." Lots of fun to build up the jobs for different characters and combine equipped skills to good effect. There are several dozen story battles, and beyond that you can choose to "Patrol" completed maps or enter arena fights if you want more.

The developers are working on a DLC expansion, but no clue on when they think it might be ready.

Lordlamb commented on Automachef:
There is a demo of this but it doesn’t download. Nintendo hasn’t fixed yet.

One of the best point and click games around.

Micky commented on Yooka-Laylee:
This is one of my favorite game on Nintendo Switch :)

An excellent 3D platformer game with skills to unlock, vast world to explore, charming characters....

It is just perfect :)

Tinder: the game

Can I just say this? Finally. Owning the switch for 2 years and we get 20 SNES games right from the start. Keep them coming

I just finished this a few days ago. It has some pretty amazing wow moments and no one can argue that it looks incredible. I just wish it could've gotten out of its own way a little bit and quickened the pace. Some of the missions feel unnecessarily drawn out with little to no action. I also think combat is a bit muddled with a really bad action camera. While there's many cool things you can do during combat you only really need a couple of them to make it through. Mainly knowing how to dodge and warp to your Legion. I think they could've done a lot more here. Maybe the higher difficulties fix this problem.

Is this game an online only game?

Saints Row 3. It's portable. It runs excellent. And, it will do till we get a GTA that's better.

Good port. Catch it on sale as it's hard to recommend at full price.

Great Port. Controls take some getting used to but it works well.

BobTheBob commented on Warframe:
Warframe. Portable. Win.

Excellent Port. Would give it 10 stars if I could.

Truly great visuals and a lot of fun. Very repetitive at times but it's a ton of fun.

It's as good as it should be. Very graphical and lots of fun. Camera could use some work but it's fun.

10 stars if I could rate that high... I have played this on PC and it's just as good if not better. Amazing visuals. I love this port period. Great!

Plays better than expected. Has all DLC. It's truly portable. 5 stars.

Skyrim on switch and it runs better than expected. Hate not having console commands... But, it's Skyrim truly portable... Look up Marrowind Switch if you have CFW....

BobTheBob commented on DOOM:
The game is good but has frame rate issues and a bit of bugs. But it's portable and still very playable.