About this App
SwitchList.app provides Nintendo Switch eShop data including a full game database, sales and upcoming game info. Also, the app is a community system providing chat, messaging and LFG features for Switch owners. This app is for informational purposes only and is not affiliated with Nintendo. This app is brought to you by the folks behind SwitchRPG.com - The ultimate Nintendo Switch RPG resource and community!
Promotional Rates
If you are interested in getting a banner promotion here or having a link to your content from this app, get in touch! Contact firestream@gmail.com for details. SwitchList.app has over 20,000 active users per month.
App Updates
Added a new section to Top Games to show Top Rated Recent games (released in last 30 days). You can also get to a full list from that section. This is a great way to see the best recent released games.
- If a game doesn't have a review linked, we have a new button called 'Find Reviews' that will take you to google automatically with the right search to find reviews. Simple, but handy!
- Basic DLC info is now visible on games that have DLC
- More DLC info will be added soon
- You can now get to the list of all past games of the day by going to Top Games, then hit See More under the current GOTD
- Similar games added to the bottom of an individual game
- Bug fixes
- New Deals tab in the main section! We are trying to post really hot Nintendo Switch deals (currently US only). This section is a work in progress.
- Pro users will now get an email when a game on their wishlist gets a release date!
- Changed how sales appear on your Wishlist to better match other parts of the site
- Bug fixes
A new LFG system!
- Check out the new LFG system! Click LFG on the main section of the app to get to a place where you can request to play online games with other members.
- The main section of the app has been updated to consolidate Announced with Upcoming. The top search has been moved around as well.
- Database sorting now shows the correct up/down arrows
- A game of the day is now selected daily and will be visible on Top Games. It is selected with magic.
- All price regions we support are now shown at once on the price history section for each game
- Small tweaks and bug fixes
Small updates:
- Added a direct shareable URL to game sales: https://switchlist.app/sales
- Added 6 missing Amiibo to the Amiibo list
- Added a Smash Bro background for Pro users
- Added playing/complete count under stats on each game
- Fixed a bug with sales counts
- Fixed a bug with wishlist costs if not logged in
- Updated some OpenCritic Scores
- Adding to lists redone to be easier, more efficient
- Shareable game links have been added, and all other share links will auto-copy to your clipboard when tapped
- Missing achievement icons fixed
- A front wishlist games on sale alert has been added
- Bug fixes
- AU and NZ price regions added
- Database sorting goes both ASC or DESC now if you tap again
- US States are now selectable to show on your profile under My Settings
- Profile link previews improved
- Game Title sorting improved
- Hot Games tracking now based on views/wishlist ratios