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About this App provides Nintendo Switch eShop data including a full game database, sales and upcoming game info. Also, the app is a community system providing chat, messaging and LFG features for Switch owners. This app is for informational purposes only and is not affiliated with Nintendo. This app is brought to you by the folks behind - The ultimate Nintendo Switch RPG resource and community!
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App Updates
- Wishlists now have their own shareable address
- Wishlists can now be sorted in a variety of ways
- Custom Lists have new Release Date sort option
- A ton of backend work has been done to handle Nintendo making major changes on their end. Data should be updating correctly once again.
- Sale start dates are now tracked and the Sales tab has an option to sort by them. The official Twitter will also announce new sales.
- We are indicating quality Indie games now with a 'SwitchList Indie' badge now. You can also search for 'indie' on sales, database, etc.
- Games you set as playing in My Games will show on your public profile now
- You can sort the Sales tab by % Off now, making it easy to find the biggest savings.
- Sweden (SE) added as a price region in My Settings.
- From a game, you can tap Collections to get a list of members with the game and a note if they are actively playing it
- 'Games you might also like' now excludes games in your collection.
- Custom Lists have some sort options at the top now
- price history section for each game now gives a sale likelihood value based on collected data
- fixed wishlist, collection and not interested toggles to be more 'smart'
- fixed rating reminder to only appear when you add a game to your collection
- new activity tab that now includes timestamp
- added released toggle to wishlist
- in Database, you can search for F2P or Free now
- Mexico (MX) added as a selectable price region under Settings.
- Cleaned up profiles more and added a few more details
- When you sort on Sales tab, you can see the value you are sorting by now
Added a new section to Top Games to show Top Rated Recent games (released in last 30 days). You can also get to a full list from that section. This is a great way to see the best recent released games.
- If a game doesn't have a review linked, we have a new button called 'Find Reviews' that will take you to google automatically with the right search to find reviews. Simple, but handy!
- Basic DLC info is now visible on games that have DLC
- More DLC info will be added soon