About this App
SwitchList.app provides Nintendo Switch eShop data including a full game database, sales and upcoming game info. Also, the app is a community system providing chat, messaging and LFG features for Switch owners. This app is for informational purposes only and is not affiliated with Nintendo. This app is brought to you by the folks behind SwitchRPG.com - The ultimate Nintendo Switch RPG Database and community!
Site Updates
Some highly requested features have been added!
- On any game, you can now mark it 'Not Interested' and it will remove it from showing up in the Database and the front upcoming/recent/announced lists. You can always un-hide a game by going to My Games and then scroll to the very bottom and look for Hidden Games.
- You can re-rate games now and see what rating you have already left on a game. This will allow you to change your mind and is much more flexible than before.
- Bug fixes
- Under Top Games, you can hit 'see more' to get to the top 100 in each section.
- On Database, you can sort by Score now which uses OpenCritic scores for most games.
- You can get to a list of members that follow you now by going to Following and then hit the button at the top.
- Bug fixes
A lot is happening!
- Recommendation system added!
- Player count added to Database list and is searchable
- Made some partnerships with the Podcast "Nintendo Switch Craft" and the website Nindies Spotlight. Both have been linked on the main section of the app.
- GB Prices now indicate sales, at least on individual game pages. The plan at some point is to offer a place under settings to set your region so that all prices reflect currently
- more eShop stats added to the bottom of Top Games
- You will notice more and more games with review buttons and Let's Play sections (thanks to Nindie Spotlight)
- Improved the front search messaging if no results are found
- Game Trailers will start appearing for as many games as possible.
- Achievement icons have been added
- Nintendo Soup added to news list
- Bug fixes
Big stuff!
- Vastly improved Database search, now you can separate terms with a comma allowing for a lot of options. Example: "RPG, sale" would show you all RPGs on sale. "Action, online" would give you back action games with some sort of online capability. Try it!
- Fixed the Database background being too short when you search
- Comment system is live now! (Pro only)
- Bug fixes all over
Here we go!
- Swipe on your phone from the left or right to open the menu/chat now
- Set your timezone under Settings now
- More backgrounds for Pro users
- Game rankings added to game details
- Started showing GB prices on most games. This won't show sales yet, but I'm working on that.
Some nice features today:
- Screenshots on games now load in a photo viewer instead of leaving the app
- New 'Random Game' button to give you a fun way to find new games
- The date a game is added to SwitchList is now on game pages
Small but nice updates:
- Members list added
- More News sources added
Bunch of new stuff!
- Games added to the system will have NEW! next to them on the front page now
- Pro Users can set different backgrounds now under Settings
- Tap the SwitchList logo on the front page to scroll to the top now
- Bug fixes!
Many small tweaks made today. New icons to get to our Twitter, Facebook, etc. Added some tips and instructions to a few places around the app. You can get to the address to share your collection/wishlist now by going to My Games.